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Leaders and managers rely on Vicki for feedback and skill development to support their career paths and move their teams forward.

How Can I Help Your Team Move Forward?

Vicki Brown can help improve employee engagement and productivity.

Improve employee engagement and productivity

Get the right people in the right positions with Vicki's help.

Get the right people in the right positions

Vicki helps leaders develop their people.

Help leaders with little time develop their people

I made a great investment in my career development by working with Vicki. Over the years, she has become a trusted advisor, especially for mentoring in times of change.
Brian D.

Director, Assured Partners

What I Offer

Vicki Brown specializes in analysis and strategy to help move your business forward.

Analysis and Strategy

Overwhelmed with poor team performance? Preparing for a business transition? Let me help you through these challenges with insightful analysis and a good strategy. We’ll uncover hidden potential and creative solutions that may have been overlooked.

Vicki Brown provides insightful leadership coaching to inspire and drive your team toward excellence.

Leadership Coaching

Ready to build more resiliency and discover your full potential? Together, we’ll cultivate your strengths, and hone important EQ skills for self  awareness, conflict navigation and communication mastery.  You will receive a variety of feedback and tools for development that support  you towards excellence.

Four hands interlocked in a square demonstrating the support that Vicki Brown brings to your new managers, helping them bridge the gap from buddy to boss.

Support for New Managers

Prepare new supervisors and managers for success. Help them transition from buddy to boss and empower them by developing additional skills needed. I’ll guide them in communication boundaries and methods for giving feedback.

Vicki Brown helps you bridge the gap of where you are and where you want to be with one-on-one mentoring.

Voice of Experience Mentoring

Are you starting out on your career path? Transitioning to a new chapter? I help you implement a winning plan. Through personalized mentoring, I’ll equip you with the mindset, and tools  to get started. Our work may include training for interviews and negotiations, as you navigate professional crossroads with poise and conviction.

Why Hire A Coach?

When you decide to work with a coach, it’s often because you’re aware that it’s time to make some changes in your life. Your goal might be to improve performance and leadership at work,  strengthen personal and professional relationships, or identify blind spots and growth areas, as you break old habits and patterns that don’t serve you. There are many approaches to coaching, below are several my clients find effective.

1. Appreciative inquiry

Evoking self-efficacy so you are motivated by previous successes to overcome challenging circumstances.

2. Motivational mapping

Tapping into your core values to commit to and work toward a goal. It is about progress, not perfection.  Learn to reframe obstacles.

3. The theoretical model of change

Identifying where you are in the process of change and moving  through four phases: contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance.   Different tools for different stages!

4. Self awareness

Shifting your thoughts and language to transform your beliefs and behaviors.  Discover how your words and actions impact those around you.

The Leadership Impact of Evidence-Based Coaching

Coaching can shape how you nurture relationships and deal with difficult situations in both your personal and professional life. If you’re dealing with stressful challenges  in any environment, they can impact your energy level, mood and overall health. 

Whether you are a leader at home, in the community or within an organization, coaching supports a commitment to showing up in an intentional and meaningful way.

Ready to see possibilities with clarity and focus?  Schedule your consultation now.

Post-acquisition, we hired Vicki to help us pivot, and create better process in people operations. She was an integral part of increased performance in our line supervisors and managers. She supported conflict resolution skills for our engineers with production leaders.

Ben Payne

General Manager, Sun Country & Playcraft Trailers

How To Get Started?


Email or call me to schedule a short discovery conversation.

Strategizing solutions

After discovering your goals and needs, we’ll review appropriate solutions together.

Launch into action

We have a kick off meeting to set expectations and define timelines.

What Are My Core Values?

I inspire personal and professional mindsets for Growth and Purpose. To achieve this, my coaching approach centers around my three core values.


Stay open to learning new approaches.

Integrity & Excellence

Do your best, and keep your word, walk your talk.


Professionalism in communication and collaboration.

Who Is Your Coach?

 I’m Vicki Brown.

For over twenty years, I’ve grown my own success as an executive, mentor, wellness advocate, and entrepreneur. I have held senior roles in human resource compliance, marketing and sales,  in industries such as legal services firms, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Throughout my life, I’ve cultivated a reputation as an empathetic listener whom people trust with their stories, often seeking guidance. This deep desire to help others grow opened the pathway to coaching and productive conflict resolution.

As a coach and mentor, I have the honor of walking alongside others on their journey toward a genuine place of purpose and success as they define it.

I enjoy working with leadership, teams, and individuals to increase capacity, thrive in workplace dynamics, and see more possibilities. I am known for addressing challenges directly and ensuring teams pull together.  I assess gaps and obstacles that can keep people stuck.

This people-centric and solutions-driven approach is why I’m a people operation strategist – and not just another business coach or HR consultant. I meet you where you are and use my experience, deep listening, and strategic vision to turn your challenges into opportunities. 

When you’re ready to invest in yourself, your team, or a high stakes project, we’ll co-create a personalized plan with the steps to reach your goals.

Vicki Brown hiking in Sedona, Arizona.

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